Sustainability is about choices. The choices we make today impact our local communities, our state, and the world around us. They are the foundation of our wellbeing and the wellbeing of future generations.

In many ways, Tasmania is where the world wants to be. We are self-sufficient in renewable electricity and our targets are the most ambitious in the world. We maintain one of the largest World Heritage Areas in the Southern Hemisphere. Around half of our land area is protected in parks and reserves.

Yet we have so much more to do, to reduce our emissions and to lead in other areas of sustainability. This has economic, social, and environmental benefits. And it’s the core of Tasmanian culture – who we are.

We also recognise social equity as a key pillar of sustainability, the need to make sure nobody is left behind as we transition to a sustainable future, and to develop the skills and education to prepare Tasmanians for the jobs of the future.

Momentum is building around the world for ideas like sustainability, carbon neutral, climate positive, and nature positive. In our conversations, there is something unique, something special about our connection to our environment, our community, and our prosperity.

Our approach to sustainability is being Tasmanian Positive.